Friday, April 06, 2007

Leipzig - View from the "Fockeberg"

Anne Ruthmann, whose photographic work I admire, told the readers of her blog to blog something on their own blog, so she has something to see when she cannot sleep. So here we go with some views of Leipzig downtown, taken from the top of the Fockeberg (in the south of Leipzig) last week.

View to downtown showing the mdr highrise and the Messehochhaus

View to downtown showing the townhall on the right, the roof (greenish color) of the Federal administrative court and the Westin Hotel highrise

I know this all is not that spectacular, more to see and read in the next few days, promise!


Anne said...

YAY!!!! Beautiful town. ;)

Shelly said...


melanie said...

Here's a photographic challenge for you. See the article in the link - especially the reference to "an East German slum" - and see if you can give us pictures of Leipzig that show a different picture!