Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Project Canada 2007

Support Project Canada and get a signed print free!

This project's goal is raising awareness of natural values in the Canadian Rockies.The first period of Field research was done in 2005. The fieldwork period in 2005 was mainly intended for reconnaissance and building up a network with relevant organizations and individuals. Both have worked out well. The period resulted in several published articles and photos in magazines. Now Arthur Sevestre is back in Canada to conduct further research. If you want to help making this fieldwork period successful, if you want to help making this whole project more efficient and if you can afford it, then please consider supporting Project Canada. This project is a self-financed research project. In return for your support , you will receive Arthur's deep gratitude, a special mention on the project's website, a signed photograph of your choice and a discount on the book that this project will eventually culminate in!

For further details see: Project Canada

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