Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dresden and Leipzig among the 10 most popular cities for Tourists reports that Dresden and Leipzig are among the 10 most popular citties for tourists. Last year nearly 53 million overnight stays were booked in German hotels. However, no single regions seemed to be more popular than another and the Top 10 presenting cities from North to South.
Here is the ranking (number of overnight stays booked in brackets:
1. Berlin (6.0 million)
2. Munich (4.2 million)
3. Frankfurt/ Main (2.5 million)
4. Cologne (1.6 million)
5. Hamburg (1.6 million)
6. Dusseldorf (1.2 million)
7. Stuttgart (830.000)
8. Dresden (490.000)
9. Hanover (416.000 )
10. Leipzig (307.000)

Well, in the spirit of this blog I would like to encourage tourists to travel more to the east of Germany to discover places from the Baltic Sea, Lake M├╝ritz to Saxony Switzerland, cities like Rostock, Schwerin, Potsdam but also Weimar, Jena and Seiffen.
In this spirit I'd like to send you to a lightbox on Istock of pictures from the East found here:

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MSS said...

My wife and I passed through Dresden in 1999 on a drive between Berlin and Prague. Although it was really only a very long lunch stop, we loved it and would very much like to go back some day.

On our drive north on the Autobahn we encountered a very bad "stau." We managed to get off, head back south, and then north again on an older road. It took us through a very beautiful canyon with lots of small towns and little resorts (which appeared to be primarily visited by Germans, given the lack of signage in other languages, as one would see elsewhere). Although we had no time to stop and explore, we really felt we were in on something "secret." Much more interesting than the Autobahn route, even if it meant it was very late when we finally got back to Berlin!

Dr John S. Partington said...

I'd like to endorse this blog piece. I've been visiting eastern Germany since 1996, staying in Leipzig in 1996, 1997 and 2002, and visiting Dresden, Magdeburg, Berlin, Weimar, Jena, Greifswald, Ruegen, Chemnitz, the Ore Mountains and other places. I have also been to western and southern cities - Munich, Hamburg, Nuremburg and (for four days this month) Cologne - but rank Leipzig as the most beautiful and culturally diverse (Nuremburg coming in second). Keep up the blog, and how about adding some photos....