Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Der Aufbau Ost ist Chefsache

The reconstruction East is the priority. A promise made by Chancellor Schroeder. A promise I make for this blog. This blog will mainly cover East German matters, but I will also write on politics and other subjects. Welcome readers.


mcentellas said...

Are you abandoning the LJ ship?

Aufbau Ost said...

No, just figured with the new syndication system on the Living on the planet network this might be the better place to post writings. Was also thinking maybe you could link now to this one on your website vs. the LJ one. In case some profs wanna surf names. ;)
I'll keep LJ and xanga - because that will feature the personal stuff.

mcentellas said...

Good idea. I'll change the blogrolling link. You're on my LJ friends page, anyhow.

t'su said...

I like the look of the new page!

Tom said...

a very good title...;)
It would be a good idea to use that blogger atom feed for better linking.

Aufbau Ost said...

Might be - but, I do not know how. :( If you can explain to me?

Tom said...

Im Blogger-Account, unter Settings findest Du den Reiter Site Feed.

Publish Site Feed: Yes
Descriptions: Full
Site Feed Server Path:(wenn das Dein FTP-Verzeichnis ist, brauchst Du hier nichts anzugeben)
Site Feed Filename: atom.xml
Site Feed URL: (mit dieser Adresse kannst Du den Feed dann im Template verlinken)

Template bearbeiten (Siehe oben).

Republish Blog.

Um den Feed zu testen, empfehle ich Account einrichten, den Feed auf Deiner Seite rechtsklicken, URL ├╝bernehmen und per ADD Feed eingeben...

Anonymous said...

Hi Melli,
gratuliere! Looks good. Follow Tom's instructions so we lazy readers can get your blog through an RSS feed... : )